The Art of Business Development

We look at why do we always want advice - but we never take advice? There are various professions and vertical areas, where you and I will take unhesitatingly, someone else's advice.  Our doctor, our  lawyer, even our husband, wife or partner - come to mind.   Unfortunately, sales and marketing do not fall into that category. The problem is - that all of us feel we are better at this dark art, than the next guy - however qualified he/she might be - and how ever bad our own performance might stack up. In all of the many meetings that we have had over zillions of years at CRt - this is the single reason why large companies get large - because they indeed DO go out and pay for the best advice and resource they can get; and why small companies stay small - because frankly, they don't. This mindset adheres to the basic rule of science which is; if you always do what you always did - you always get what you always got. And yet there has to be a better way, for the small/medium size company, to at least start the process of developing its business in more tangential ways.  Because for sure - the advent of social media, the clever use of Press, the return to relationship building on a one/one basis - re the new keys to being successful. In short, life has indeed moved on, simply because technology has moved on - and also, for those for whom technology actually does not work - the classic one/one meeting, the cherry picking of prospects rather than the blanket marketing analysis etc - actual works, because it always did work. For that reason - we now run a monthly Walk-In Clinic, at the Holiday Inn Mayfair, for companies to spend 30 minutes with us in idle chat, where we can look tangentially at their market, and point to those avenues that can actually deliver, instead of their wasting money and time on the more and more difficult process that sales and marketing has become. Last month we looked at How To Be A Successful Start-Up. This month, at 2pm on the 26th February - we are looking specifically at the above title; The Dark Art of Business development.  We charge a simple £50.00 per delegate.  You need to register by calling Ann at our office, on 01752 546424.  It's your call;  lunch and a few beers. somewhere else?  Or making sure your business grows?      

How To Write Great Content!

We talk about the essentials when creating Content for your website and general material.  "Essential". is the word! You only have a few seconds to get your visitor attention - so make it work for you. [audio m4a=""][/audio]

The Future of Healthcare

We look at the latest in revolutionary discussions that can take healthcare into the next decade The Scandinavian market has always been ahead of the rest of us in terms of actual delivery of clinical and management solutions that actually work. But even this has got bogged down by conventional thinking. Until now.  The HOSPITALPLUSINNOVATION Conference, from the Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies, - in Odense in mid-October ( - will change all this. How so?  Because life has moved on.  What is clear, is that for you and I to get proper medical treatment - we are going to have to demand it. Which means that we as consumers will be the drivers. It means that the "wearables" and fit devices etc we are increasingly wearing - will create a Community and entirely personalised way for hospitals - or any other organisation - to harvest our data, and provide solutions that will work for us as individuals. This means that large EHR and heavy patient data solutions - will increasingly cease to be relevant unless handled in a totally new way. Come and meet us there.  First, register by clicking the URL in he above Text.  Then email us so we can introduce you to relevant players who will be there.


CRt expands its Team in the UK If most companies come to CRt because they need help to market their solutions or services - what happens to those who have yet to fully define their intended solutions? Richard Copland is an acknowledged specialist in looking at future technologies and assessing the needs in future markets. With a history of success at the former Logica and CGI consulting companies, and also co – founder and contributor on "The Future Shapers" website (  - Richard is now part of the Team at CRtP. The fit is an obvious one. In a market where technology development often leads before the market itself can fully understand its relevance, so there is a need right at the outset, to help companies position what they plan to do, to suit the needs of the future. For an impartial and a without obligation informal discussion, Richard can be contacted at; - or call Ann at the CRt Office on +44 1752 546424. See More from Richard Bloss


We examine the do's and do's and dont's -  the reasons for, and examples against - having a local Partner as a route to market.  Life is not what it seems.