New Markets for 2017

We look at our plans for immediate Q1 and ask; in a divided world, where are the new markets? There are three areas that need discussion. Turkey – is the situation really as bad as our Embassies make out? We have a meeting with the British Embassy in Ankara in January to evaluate precisely that. Plus, the emerging market in Spain; we will be with Christina Roosen of HIMSS in Barcelona, to discuss the upcoming eHealth Conference in Malta for the coming May; and finally – what about Germany and its fixed views on Brexit. Enough has already been said, but maybe the wrong things are being said? (more…)

Is the Ukraine the New Market?

We look at some surprising developments in this forgotten market. Nobody in their right mind would consider a major “international” push in that troubled territory – Ukraine. This is the conventional thinking, and it is based on destabilisation of which we are all aware. Except that, the thing is; this thinking, might now be wrong. (more…)

Is Scandinavia Losing its Attraction

We look at the changing scene in Sweden and the Baltics. Actually (to answer this briefly) – no it’s not. It is simply changing. And it is changing a LOT. What that means is – new areas of influence are coming up, and you would not see them coming. And recognised IT and industrial growth areas – are falling away. We are going to explain what is going UP – and where is going DOWN. (more…)

Global Health Sumex – Ankara

Global Health Sumex – Ankara For those of you looking at new and productive Healthcare IT markets – Turkey is again in the frame. With a population of 60 million, and with an openness that has never gone away despite media impressions – this Conference in 19th-21st October is important. (more…)