Introducing CRt Advisory – Helping Corporates understand their new-generation markets.

One of the key issues for established corporates and organisations - is the understanding that modern Generations Z and Millenials  no longer work with the confines of previously established work processes. or that - with the demand for mobile and remote access - your methodologies that have survived over the years - no longer are fit for purpose. Or more simply - to manage the consumer changes in demand - you now have to work in a different way. Our CRt Advisory facility, changes all that. Our three-step process guides you, and then brings to your table people who can help you deliver on those changes. This situation affects every level of decision-maker in both the private and public areas of work. It its also a superb opportunity to take a look at the future, discuss some far-reaching concepts. We are already involved in such projects, and we can help you make the difference that you need to make.  

Our NEW Vidiclip Facility! Explaining things. Better.

Our Vidiclip service takes your Presentation, and - by using actors and actresses - can create an entirely new video blog, that so much better communicates the points you are trying to make! Look at our Youtube link, that simply and succinctly explains how Vidiclip works: If it is important that your customer reads your Presentation - then Vidiclip takes your key points, and delivers them,. face to face, with people who are trained to communicate and engage. Try this facility for yourself; send us your existing Presentation - and let us explain what we can do, and the tangential ways we can help! Call Brett or Richard on +44 1752 546424.

The NEW Market in Healthcare in Turkey

We look at the hidden potential of a country that makes the headlines for the wrong reasons. When Steve Leiber, CEO of HIMSS, stood on the platform of the latest eHealth Europe Conference just a few days ago - and said he was leaving early - to take a flight to Turkey - this was the moment that we took notice of this large market that for so long has been underestimated. Turkey is a difficult market to penetrate, because of frequent changes of key people, and difficulties of communication in english, at Ministerial level. But that does not mean that the market is too hard, or not welcoming; far from it. The key is the attitude of individual people, who are welcoming at a human level - and equally welcoming at a clinical and commercial level. The trick, so to say, is to have a dual approach; formal via diplomatic channels at Embassies etc. And commercial via the usual direct and partner activity, at regional hospital level. Turkey remans the hub of business between Europe and the Middle East. With vast amounts of Euros coming into Turkey, this is a moment to make a move.