Upcoming Events for Spring 2019!

We look at our upcoming events over next few months.. 23rd-25th January;  Financial players in Sweden!!  yes indeed - we are already booked to see leading Asset Managers about better ways to look at customer portfolios. Come and meet us in Stockholm and across the bridge in CPH. 11th January;  Paris, more strategic meetings with French Media and Financial  companies.  If you would like us to present what you do, before they get maxed out for the Spring - then talk to us now! 9th-16th February;  HIMSS 2019 in Orlando. By far the best healthcare Forum in the world, this is your Gateway into the US health Market. We haver our usual Press accreditation and can interview you.

Introducing CRt Advisory – Helping Corporates understand their new-generation markets.

One of the key issues for established corporates and organisations - is the understanding that modern Generations Z and Millenials  no longer work with the confines of previously established work processes. or that - with the demand for mobile and remote access - your methodologies that have survived over the years - no longer are fit for purpose. Or more simply - to manage the consumer changes in demand - you now have to work in a different way. Our CRt Advisory facility, changes all that. Our three-step process guides you, and then brings to your table people who can help you deliver on those changes. This situation affects every level of decision-maker in both the private and public areas of work. It its also a superb opportunity to take a look at the future, discuss some far-reaching concepts. We are already involved in such projects, and we can help you make the difference that you need to make.  

Our NEW Vidiclip Facility! Explaining things. Better.

Our Vidiclip service takes your Presentation, and - by using actors and actresses - can create an entirely new video blog, that so much better communicates the points you are trying to make! Look at our Youtube link, that simply and succinctly explains how Vidiclip works: https://youtu.be/93L4NEoc0eY If it is important that your customer reads your Presentation - then Vidiclip takes your key points, and delivers them,. face to face, with people who are trained to communicate and engage. Try this facility for yourself; send us your existing Presentation - and let us explain what we can do, and the tangential ways we can help! Call Brett or Richard on +44 1752 546424.

How to Communicate Better with CRt

It is not enough simply to tell the  world "what you do".  To make this worthwhile, you have to proactively "engage" with your audience, on a personal level. We look at three NEW ways we are working with clients, to help them engage with their customers better. There are THREE ways to do this - that we are currently introducing into our portfolio of services. First - let us rewrite your material. We are accredited Press, and we know how to use the right words, in English, as well as other languages, to make sure that we communicate the real benefits of what you do, in a way that is clear and easy to digest - to those people who are going to read your material.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression - so make it count! Second - let us interview you. We can take an hour just letting you talk and follow our guidance on the topics you want to discuss.  Let us do the editing and above all - let us publish your Interview on our Press pages. And third; we use a Team of professional actors/actresses - to create a Video of your own Presentation.  Don't send your customers a Presentation which they will probably never get time to open.  Let them just click on our video, where we professionally engage with each visitor on a one/one level, taking them on the journey you want them to have.  Our own video of how this facility works - will shortly be available for you to click/view and download. You can call us to discuss any of the above, on +44 1752 546424.

The Art of Business Development

We look at why do we always want advice - but we never take advice? There are various professions and vertical areas, where you and I will take unhesitatingly, someone else's advice.  Our doctor, our  lawyer, even our husband, wife or partner - come to mind.   Unfortunately, sales and marketing do not fall into that category. The problem is - that all of us feel we are better at this dark art, than the next guy - however qualified he/she might be - and how ever bad our own performance might stack up. In all of the many meetings that we have had over zillions of years at CRt - this is the single reason why large companies get large - because they indeed DO go out and pay for the best advice and resource they can get; and why small companies stay small - because frankly, they don't. This mindset adheres to the basic rule of science which is; if you always do what you always did - you always get what you always got. And yet there has to be a better way, for the small/medium size company, to at least start the process of developing its business in more tangential ways.  Because for sure - the advent of social media, the clever use of Press, the return to relationship building on a one/one basis - re the new keys to being successful. In short, life has indeed moved on, simply because technology has moved on - and also, for those for whom technology actually does not work - the classic one/one meeting, the cherry picking of prospects rather than the blanket marketing analysis etc - actual works, because it always did work. For that reason - we now run a monthly Walk-In Clinic, at the Holiday Inn Mayfair, for companies to spend 30 minutes with us in idle chat, where we can look tangentially at their market, and point to those avenues that can actually deliver, instead of their wasting money and time on the more and more difficult process that sales and marketing has become. Last month we looked at How To Be A Successful Start-Up. This month, at 2pm on the 26th February - we are looking specifically at the above title; The Dark Art of Business development.  We charge a simple £50.00 per delegate.  You need to register by calling Ann at our office, on 01752 546424.  It's your call;  lunch and a few beers. somewhere else?  Or making sure your business grows?