Case Study 1

This company is the leading financial software in Germany, focussing on private client and portfolio management areas of banking. Although well known in its home country - it was not known outside, despite its market being global.

We identified a market in the Baltic States, due to our work at Tallinn University. We placed our client in a project with one of the main Scandinavian banks. We also strengthened the bank’s relationship with the University, thus cementing our client locally for the future.

Case Study 2

This company is one of Scandinavia’s leading healthcare software specialists. As a leader in their local region, they had a need to market their considerable expertise in other “English-speaking” and mature areas. They identified the UK as a good starting point, but were unsure of the “fit” of their technology and process.

We took their software, created some localised marketing material, wrote articles which we published in health journals, and started the process of early introductory meetings.

The process was quite long but succeeded in placing their solutions at a national level, and also at regional level - supported by a national Integration Partner.

Case Study 3

This company is an international IT Data Analytics company, based in the UK, Holland and the USA. Controlled out of Amsterdam, the company had the classic issue of long sales cycle and too extensive travel, plus it was focussed on a market with a high level of competition. The need was to focus only on those prospects who seemed to be “serious”.

We placed the company almost immediately into discussions in the public sector, in Scandinavia, where their solutions had already been trialled - unbeknown to the vendor.