Upcoming Events for Spring 2019!

We look at our upcoming events over next few months.. 23rd-25th January;  Financial players in Sweden!!  yes indeed - we are already booked to see leading Asset Managers about better ways to look at customer portfolios. Come and meet us in Stockholm and across the bridge in CPH. 11th January;  Paris, more strategic meetings with French Media and Financial  companies.  If you would like us to present what you do, before they get maxed out for the Spring - then talk to us now! 9th-16th February;  HIMSS 2019 in Orlando. By far the best healthcare Forum in the world, this is your Gateway into the US health Market. We haver our usual Press accreditation and can interview you.

The Future of Healthcare

We look at the latest in revolutionary discussions that can take healthcare into the next decade The Scandinavian market has always been ahead of the rest of us in terms of actual delivery of clinical and management solutions that actually work. But even this has got bogged down by conventional thinking. Until now.  The HOSPITALPLUSINNOVATION Conference, from the Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies, - in Odense in mid-October (www.hospitalplusinnovation.com) - will change all this. How so?  Because life has moved on.  What is clear, is that for you and I to get proper medical treatment - we are going to have to demand it. Which means that we as consumers will be the drivers. It means that the "wearables" and fit devices etc we are increasingly wearing - will create a Community and entirely personalised way for hospitals - or any other organisation - to harvest our data, and provide solutions that will work for us as individuals. This means that large EHR and heavy patient data solutions - will increasingly cease to be relevant unless handled in a totally new way. Come and meet us there.  First, register by clicking the URL in he above Text.  Then email us so we can introduce you to relevant players who will be there.